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( d ) //UPDATES ( d )

12.18.01Added pics from Team Sleep concert to SIGHT section, ticket scans with todd and crook's autographs in STUB section, setlist scan in PROMO section, and put up pics from my room in PONY section
9.04.01Added 7 Words 7" Blue Vinyl to the noise section
8.31.01Updated promo section with 2 White Pony popout posters.
8.26.01Updated noise section with a White Pony 12" Red Vinyl.
8.24.01Updated promo section with TeamSleep postcard(s).
8.22.01Updated promo section with My Own Summer/Can't Even Breathe demo tape
8.15.01Updated promo section with 7words/teething demo tape and a glossy 8x10 photo from '95. Watch out for pics of a screamin cat mini poster and an adrenaline cd cover mini poster coming soon!
8.12.01Updated promo section with Adrenaline promo tape for 7 words with screamin kitty art, and an Around the Fur postcard
7.31.01Updated Wear section with deftones gothic blend shirt
7.27.01Happy birthday Abe!
7.25.01Updated //wear section with Adrenaline Screamin' Kitty shirt. also, updated main page with a list of all my stuff so you don't have to browse through all the section and wait for pics to load.
7.20.01Updated sight section. Added 9 pics from the 7.13.01 deftones show in washington.
7.19.01Updated stub, promo, noise, and wear section. Scans of 4 new shirts to wear, 2 of stefs picks and a promo cd to promo, around the fur tape and adrenaline vinyl to noise, and a ticket stub from 7.13.01 to stub.
7.15.01Happy birthday Chi!
7.14.01 Updated STUB section with tracklistings for the 7.13.01 deftones show at the gorge ampitheatre in george, washington. Keep a look out for ticket scan and pics from that show, also scans of the 3 shirts i bought there and 2 of stef's picks that i was lucky enough to catch when he threw them out.

I made this site to pay tribute to the Deftones. They are my favorite band, because their music is so melodic and abrassive at the same time. They aren't sellouts like Korn and shitty ass Limp Suckdick. Korn's old shit is alright/good (however their new shit sucks), all of the Limp Bizkits shit sucks. I'm just sick of hearing about doing it all for the nookie and making me bad, and especially all the "new rock"/trl groupies that like whatever gets popular. Chino's lyrics are so distorted and hard to understand. They make no sense. That's what I like. I don't have to worry about 100 other people saying, "Yeah I like the deftones, yeah lhabia, its a good song". They are really only known by their singles. Well, lately they have been getting bigger cuz of Change, Back to School, and Digital Bath, but it will die down. But anyways, my point WAS, that since I like the deftones a lot, I try to buy everything I see that has their name on it. There are so many other fan sites that have news, mp3s, lyrics. Its too hard to compete with. So I made this page to show everyone the deftones stuff I have. That's all.

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