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pictures from:
8.5.00 Endfest 2000 show
10.12.00 Endsession #50 (Seattle, WA)
10.13.00 Mercer Arena, Seattle WA
7.13.01 Gorge in George, WA

Scans from the 3 deftones shows i've been to and tracklistings
8.5.00 Bremerton, WA
10.13.00 Seattle, WA
7.13.01 George, WA

Knife Prty Poster (deftones sitting against wooden wall)
Back to School Mini Album Giant Poster (4ft x 5ft)
Red Carpet Poster
4 Faces Poster
Blue Streets Poster (says deftones in red on top)
Blue Ocean Poster (Abe wearing Emerica shirt and chino sitting)
Giant Vinyl White Pony Promo Poster (4ft x 6ft)
White Pony textile flag
Group Picture textile flag
Blue Subway Poster (says deftones on the bottom in bright yellow)

Gothic blend shirt
Red white pony shirt
Infa-red shirt
Deftones inverted N/Star shirt
Shaolin Shirt
Worldwide Logo Shirt
Hooded Worldwide Sweatshirt
Grey Deftones 2000 Shirt
Green Billiards Shirt
Adrenaline Screamin' Kitty Shirt
Blue Chunky D shirt
Blue shirt
Red Writing New Deftones font
Black White Pony tour shirt
Red Back to School White Pony tour windbreaker
White American Flag Eagle Shirt
Deftones/Godsmack Tour shirt
Black Deftones Old english style writing (pink woman)

8.22.98 Bizarre Fest-Germany
9.20.98 Stockton, CA
5.23.98 Sommerset, WI
Ultra Rare Home Video
MTV News 1515 Interview
7 Words music video
Bored music video (shitty quality and very choppy)
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) music video
My Own Summer (Shove It) music video
Change (In the House of Flies) music video
Back To School (mini-maggit) music video
David Letterman appearance (performed Change)
MTV News 6.20.00 Short Interview
Deftones (Chino and Abe) on TRL 8.15.00
Deftones White Pony Commercial
KROQ Dysfunctional Family Picnic 4.0 interview (with clip of feiticeira live)
Bootleg of Deftones Endsession #50 (concert in seattle on 10.12.00 where about 150 or 100 people attended to watch a concert in a small room.)
MTV Extreme Sports and Music Festival (change and back to school performed)
Adam Sandler's One Hell of a Movie Special thing
Jay Leno appearance (performed Digital Bath)
Music In High Places Special on location in Hawaii

Adrenaline CD
Adrenaline Tape
Adrenaline 12" vinyl
Around the Fur CD
Around the Fur Tape
White Pony CD (Silver)
White Pony CD (Red jewel case)
White Pony CD (Black jewel case)
White Pony CD (White - re-release; Promotional)
White Pony 12" double vinyl (standard black version)
Change German Import (w/ crenshaw and no ordinary love)
Be Quiet and Drive import (blue)
Be Quiet and Drive import (red)
My Own Summer Import (white)
My Own Summer Import (black)
Be Quiet and Drive DJCD (promo single copy given to radio stations)
Live Tracks Japanese import
Back To School German Import
Back to School EP German Import
My Own Summer 7" gold vinyl
Be Quiet and Drive 7" blue vinyl
Bamboo Parachute
Maximum Deftones biography cd
...It's Not About Style (compilation CD i made of all early demos and b sides)
Rarities (compilation of my favorite rare songs)

Red Stef pick with black pony and signature
Black Stef pick with red pony, signature, and grid gashed on both sides
Change promo CD with snippets of digital bath, elite, and pink maggit
Deftones christmas tree ornament
Street Jammers bike
ID-rom disk w/ street carp video
3 sticker postcard
2 red white pony balloons
white pony rolling papers
6ft x 4ft promo vinyl poster
white pony cd stand (5 ft tall)
deftone dollar
teck deck mini skateboard
handbill w/ pic of deftones sitting against wall
CMJ new music CD with "RX Queen"
white pony individually numbered card from limited editions
Endfest 2000 handbill
Launch interactive cd mag with deftones on cover
red white pony postcard
blue subway postcard
purple background postcard
blue streets postcard
cursive deftones logo with blue circle sticker
jagged deftones logo sticker
deftones star logo sticker
billiard sticker
yellow 3 stripes sticker
red white pony sticker
rear window vinyl car sticker
new deftones logo patch
cursive deftones logo with blue circle patch
deftones logo patch
star logo patch

11 fanarts by me
4 by other fans